January 25, 2006


Hey there,
found time to record something new, its the interlude from leper messiah, from Metallica.
I know its crappy played, but when i wanted to fall asleep yesterday eve it was ringing in my head all the time, thats why i decided to record it and put it up here...fits the topic ;)

play me


January 21, 2006

"sire learned a lot"

played "sire leaned a lot" today...still questionable if it'll be enough!
thats why theres no new things today. tomorrow we got a big game ahead. and in the eve its party - so i doubt that i'll be able to put up new music :-/
whatever, laters

January 20, 2006

new music for the masses

After all this learning I recorded some music....nothing big, just a little something - some friends asked for it
here it is:
btw, Ulli has a birthday today...i wish her all the best! and im looking forward to her doing brunch on sunday...gonna be a real party!


January 19, 2006

a new start

the new start. this is for beginning...
gotta get back to learning for now, but i show you my webcam at least
...little snowy out there ;)