January 5, 2007

jazz tune, empire state building, jersey shore

First, to start things off, here is a jazz tune by a very good player. Mostly for Jona, but anybody who likes good music will love it.

Now to more NYC stuff. We climbed the Empire State Building yesterday, but of course not by feet but by elevator...more than 1100 steps ;)
When we got there it was already dark, but perhaps that was better then during day, because we did not have to wait at all, it was (in comparison to the usual lines) really empty and so we had the opportunity to take some really great shots of the New York skyline during night.

Sorry for the tilted images, but .... mh...whatever ;)

When we visited Philadelphia, we took one day to visit Atlantic City and the Jersey Shore, so i could apend one day of 2006 to see the ocean. One of my goals of every year: see the ocean and climb a mountain. So far I made it every year since 2000.
pics of that:

and thanks to DaCapo from Soundforum Berlin (http://www.soundforum-berlin.de/) for the beats while writing this.

Knicks vs Pistons

I was unbelievably lucky to pick the best game to go to. It ended in tripple OT and the Knicks won. Additionally Rip Hamilton had a new career high with 51 points.
The atmosphere was very intense and since it was my first NBA game i saw live in an arena it was even more special.
Here's a short clip from the game:

The seats were great, as you can see and the beer was very expensive but bad...but i didn't expect anything else. People started chanting for the Knicks very shortly after the tip-off already and I was completely into it.
Here are a few shots from warm-up:

The Knicks started by getting the ball down low, very good strategy I might add ;), and Eddy Curry battled his way to the rim, made the contact, the bucket and got the foul. He didn't hit the FT, but he would on his next possession, were exactlly the same thing happened. Pistons couldn't contain him and eventually he went on to score 33 points with 11/15 FTs...
The biggest game of the night came from Rip Hamilton who raised his career high to 51 points. And it was relly great to be able to watch him the whole time. On TV it's sometimes hard to see everything going on, but when you're right there it's just incredible. I would go so far to say he's easily the best man to come off the block. This statement is probably nothing new to the most of you, but to actually experience it that way.....woohoooo!
some shots from the game:

I am a little sad that I don't have any more pics from the game, or a longer video but my camera fell down during the game and i lost my batteries in the process....they rolled somewhere and I couldn't find them anymore.
ah and by the way....my girlfriend who was with me, listened to Harry Potter Audiobook during the game, and slept for minutes on my shoulder....seems like not everyone appreciates a good game :(

January 1, 2007

returning to New York and happy new year

I returned to NYC yesterday, after 3 days in Philly. Great days.
Have a happy new year everyone, i will post some really nice pics and tell you what happened tomorrow after new years ;)