December 26, 2006

Rockefeller Center, bathrooms, central park

we took the subway to make it to the rockefeller center bathrooms, which were, naturally, totally crowded.

Afterwards we walked north towards Central Park. We passed the Trump tower, all different expensive shops and everything you might think to find on 5th Avenue. Very nice walk, even though it rained again.

cab home, and had dinner in a nice restaurant. now we gonna go to a bar and have a drink.

December 25, 2006

shores of Brooklyn

no time, gotta leave again, but just some blurry random shots from the shores of Brooklyn

December 24, 2006

Lower East Side, Union Square and Broadway

We went over Williamsburg Bridge, into the Lower East Side. Actually we were looking for a shoe repair store, but since most of them are
Jewish they were closed because of sabbath. After walking around Lower east side we found a great guitar store with veeeery cheap prices. I wonder how that works, how can they be that cheap. But i didn't buy a thing yet :)

Walking up Broadway to Union Square we found an Usbekistan-shoe-repair-shop. Had a coffee at Union Square. My mistake was to choose Broadway to continue the walk up to Times Square... Didn't know it was Broadway though...Way too many people trying to sell stuff on the street and at times you couldn't walk at all. Eventually we made it to Times Square. Pictures to follow.
Took a packed subway home. Met with Samantha (Gillians sister) at 1am, trying not to fall asleep again. ;)

pictures will follow. Soon i will be able to climb the Empire State Bldg, and take some nice pics.
take care.

these are: me on Union Square, Manhattan looked at from Williamsburg Bridge, and some tall buildings at Union Square

some sculture(s) down in the subway, very cute

some tall building

the world famous flat-iron building. just to be the tallest buidling in the world upon its construction

Times Square again

November 21, 2006

lets swing it baby

hey there. gotta swing it today. be my guest:


keep on swinging.

November 16, 2006

jazzy song

yeah, new song. called autumn leaves. its a jazz song. so beware if you dont like jazz. but hey listen to it anyway please ;)


November 15, 2006

a blue tune

last night i felt really blue. i managed to put in into a tune.
here we go:
c_minor new york in blue

November 13, 2006

new tune

i got a new tune for you:
click me
it's a little blues jam track. not the best i made, but sometimes quiet interesting ;)

on completely different news, i watched "children of men" yesterday...thats really an amazing film. go watch it. it is sometimes disturbing, fascinating and i often didn't think it was the (possible) future i was looking at....really realistic and to the point of how the world nowadays is.


monthly new blogs?

Seems like the same illness has caught me... no new posts.
but who to blog for? anybody out there actually reading this? i bet no one.

October 5, 2006

dead blog?

one of my fears is a dying blogslashwebsite... well this shouldnt be one. so i will be able to give you some new tune tomorrow....after waking up that is.

August 14, 2006

New Piece

have made a new Piece. Its a very short Bass-only blues instrumental. Perhaps i will add some guitar later on. or a harp...or whatever.

i am to be clicked


June 28, 2006

wanna hear something?

Hi, i found this new tone this morning...and i just let it flow and recorded everything of it.... so here are two minutes of sound from can comment using the link just at the bottom of this it is:
click me


June 1, 2006

alone in big B

Hey there,
now both of "them" are in Portugal. And I feel like the last remaining in Berlin.
No I don't ;) But as i try to (look at the title of this page) find emotions and dwell in them, i certainly know how it would feel like.
I have zero to none knowledge of soccer. But i want to give a guess on who will become world champion (i love this term ;) )
It will certainly, and with my very educated guess, be:
Hehehe. I know it is one of the least potential contenders....but hey who knows? When they win I can shout: "I TOLD YOU SO!" And if they lose...hell..everybody knew they would lose. ;) Sounds clever doesn't it. Hihi.

take care and don't get a sunburn down there!

May 30, 2006

Xmen - The Last Stand and no music at all

Hey there,
sadly i won't be able to "release" my song until perhaps the end of the week. But that is only guessing I must admit. Urgent deadline for my project at university keeps me from completing the song. But please don't mind Cathy ;)

The last stand is really a nice movie, you shouldn't let that one slip past you. If you are not so much into the whole Xmen/Superheroes thing than it's at least a decent action movie. Superb special FX and good sound :)

If you are feeling the XMen than you might have a little problem with this flick. I find it to straight-forward. I don't want to give you too much hints on whats going on - find out for yourself - but the struggles they have to overcome seem so simple in comparison to whats going really on.
But one last hint:
When you see the closing credits, don't stand up. Stay sit and enjoy the music. Else you would miss a very important hint regarding a possible sequel...


May 28, 2006


i am going to watch XMen3 tonight. I almost can't wait. On Tuesday or Wednesday i will release my first Song. It's probably going to be all instrumental, but perhaps I will try to sing, hehe. We will see ;)

Take care and i will tell you tomorrow what to think of XMen3.

May 24, 2006

The Proof

Yeah, great movie. saw it yesterday. it's really touching the heart und you start to think about stuff. great acting by mrs. paltrow and mr. hopkins. although this gyllenhaal guy is good as well, guess i do got to watch brokeback mountain after all?!

still working on my blues, somehow i dont get the sound for the guitar that i am looking for, gotta try harder ;)


May 22, 2006

Museum für Kommunikation

Yeah, i am gonna visit the museum for communication tomorrow. unfortunately my camera is not here right now. my best friend has it with her in lisboa. and i dont regret it ;) hugs&kisses to you cathy

May 21, 2006

been some busy weeks lately. my father ruptured his achilles tendon, right after moving into a new flat. lots of help needed. then the typo2006 ( started on thursday, and i attended my lectures as well as helping my father with his calligraphy workshop which was a blast as the last 3 years!

i listened to the lecture of chip kidd (www.goodisdead). he told us about how he came to create the new paul simon cover for example ( lovely baby on the cover ;) it's his godson as he told us. hehe. of course you see this cover right here.

then i watched "daVinci Code" today. quite interesting movie, but not such a big deal :(


February 28, 2006

Recovery takes strange paths

Hey there,
back from my vacations, and sick again. At least I was healthy during my time in Switzerland, and it was great. I will show you pics tomorrow I hope. Until then, here's a new lil recording i did today, few seconds:
click me
have fun, take care.
-cheer tuzz

February 6, 2006

illness brings chillness?!

hi there,
yeah ima little ill thats why i cant write any more tests this week and gonna be able to chill until end of march
i guess i will be able to record and primarely play some more...until i fly to switzerland. and have some holidays! that'll be great. i will show you some pictures.
have a great time

January 25, 2006


Hey there,
found time to record something new, its the interlude from leper messiah, from Metallica.
I know its crappy played, but when i wanted to fall asleep yesterday eve it was ringing in my head all the time, thats why i decided to record it and put it up here...fits the topic ;)

play me


January 21, 2006

"sire learned a lot"

played "sire leaned a lot" today...still questionable if it'll be enough!
thats why theres no new things today. tomorrow we got a big game ahead. and in the eve its party - so i doubt that i'll be able to put up new music :-/
whatever, laters

January 20, 2006

new music for the masses

After all this learning I recorded some music....nothing big, just a little something - some friends asked for it
here it is:
btw, Ulli has a birthday today...i wish her all the best! and im looking forward to her doing brunch on sunday...gonna be a real party!


January 19, 2006

a new start

the new start. this is for beginning...
gotta get back to learning for now, but i show you my webcam at least
...little snowy out there ;)