November 21, 2006

lets swing it baby

hey there. gotta swing it today. be my guest:


keep on swinging.

November 16, 2006

jazzy song

yeah, new song. called autumn leaves. its a jazz song. so beware if you dont like jazz. but hey listen to it anyway please ;)


November 15, 2006

a blue tune

last night i felt really blue. i managed to put in into a tune.
here we go:
c_minor new york in blue

November 13, 2006

new tune

i got a new tune for you:
click me
it's a little blues jam track. not the best i made, but sometimes quiet interesting ;)

on completely different news, i watched "children of men" yesterday...thats really an amazing film. go watch it. it is sometimes disturbing, fascinating and i often didn't think it was the (possible) future i was looking at....really realistic and to the point of how the world nowadays is.


monthly new blogs?

Seems like the same illness has caught me... no new posts.
but who to blog for? anybody out there actually reading this? i bet no one.