March 4, 2007


On my last day before leaving we took an early train to Milano, Italy. We travelled first class and still it was rather tourist class. So if you ever come across the choice of taking the Cisalpino train from Switzerland to Milano, you should ride 1st class. Seriously.

The city itself was rather uneventful. First we took a small tram on a circle around the inner city. A trip that took about an hour. We were told by the city guide Marco Polo that it would show us all the great sights and would be really interesting. What they didn't say is that you have to be smaller that 1,70meters or you can't really see anything since the trains have windows only for really small people and the seats are build so you sit sideways and aren't able to look outside. Here s pic of such a tram:

Next thing we did was to climb the duomo. Well actually not climbing but taking the lift. Really nice experience. You could take a good look around the city and notice all the smog and dirt. Great thing!