June 28, 2006

wanna hear something?

Hi, i found this new tone this morning...and i just let it flow and recorded everything of it.... so here are two minutes of sound from me...you can comment using the link just at the bottom of this article...here it is:
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June 1, 2006

alone in big B

Hey there,
now both of "them" are in Portugal. And I feel like the last remaining in Berlin.
No I don't ;) But as i try to (look at the title of this page) find emotions and dwell in them, i certainly know how it would feel like.
I have zero to none knowledge of soccer. But i want to give a guess on who will become world champion (i love this term ;) )
It will certainly, and with my very educated guess, be:
Hehehe. I know it is one of the least potential contenders....but hey who knows? When they win I can shout: "I TOLD YOU SO!" And if they lose...hell..everybody knew they would lose. ;) Sounds clever doesn't it. Hihi.

take care and don't get a sunburn down there!