May 30, 2006

Xmen - The Last Stand and no music at all

Hey there,
sadly i won't be able to "release" my song until perhaps the end of the week. But that is only guessing I must admit. Urgent deadline for my project at university keeps me from completing the song. But please don't mind Cathy ;)

The last stand is really a nice movie, you shouldn't let that one slip past you. If you are not so much into the whole Xmen/Superheroes thing than it's at least a decent action movie. Superb special FX and good sound :)

If you are feeling the XMen than you might have a little problem with this flick. I find it to straight-forward. I don't want to give you too much hints on whats going on - find out for yourself - but the struggles they have to overcome seem so simple in comparison to whats going really on.
But one last hint:
When you see the closing credits, don't stand up. Stay sit and enjoy the music. Else you would miss a very important hint regarding a possible sequel...


May 28, 2006


i am going to watch XMen3 tonight. I almost can't wait. On Tuesday or Wednesday i will release my first Song. It's probably going to be all instrumental, but perhaps I will try to sing, hehe. We will see ;)

Take care and i will tell you tomorrow what to think of XMen3.

May 24, 2006

The Proof

Yeah, great movie. saw it yesterday. it's really touching the heart und you start to think about stuff. great acting by mrs. paltrow and mr. hopkins. although this gyllenhaal guy is good as well, guess i do got to watch brokeback mountain after all?!

still working on my blues, somehow i dont get the sound for the guitar that i am looking for, gotta try harder ;)


May 22, 2006

Museum für Kommunikation

Yeah, i am gonna visit the museum for communication tomorrow. unfortunately my camera is not here right now. my best friend has it with her in lisboa. and i dont regret it ;) hugs&kisses to you cathy

May 21, 2006

been some busy weeks lately. my father ruptured his achilles tendon, right after moving into a new flat. lots of help needed. then the typo2006 ( started on thursday, and i attended my lectures as well as helping my father with his calligraphy workshop which was a blast as the last 3 years!

i listened to the lecture of chip kidd (www.goodisdead). he told us about how he came to create the new paul simon cover for example ( lovely baby on the cover ;) it's his godson as he told us. hehe. of course you see this cover right here.

then i watched "daVinci Code" today. quite interesting movie, but not such a big deal :(