December 24, 2006

Lower East Side, Union Square and Broadway

We went over Williamsburg Bridge, into the Lower East Side. Actually we were looking for a shoe repair store, but since most of them are
Jewish they were closed because of sabbath. After walking around Lower east side we found a great guitar store with veeeery cheap prices. I wonder how that works, how can they be that cheap. But i didn't buy a thing yet :)

Walking up Broadway to Union Square we found an Usbekistan-shoe-repair-shop. Had a coffee at Union Square. My mistake was to choose Broadway to continue the walk up to Times Square... Didn't know it was Broadway though...Way too many people trying to sell stuff on the street and at times you couldn't walk at all. Eventually we made it to Times Square. Pictures to follow.
Took a packed subway home. Met with Samantha (Gillians sister) at 1am, trying not to fall asleep again. ;)

pictures will follow. Soon i will be able to climb the Empire State Bldg, and take some nice pics.
take care.

these are: me on Union Square, Manhattan looked at from Williamsburg Bridge, and some tall buildings at Union Square

some sculture(s) down in the subway, very cute

some tall building

the world famous flat-iron building. just to be the tallest buidling in the world upon its construction

Times Square again

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